Visions of Christmas

After reading "The Night Before Christmas" poem.  We wrote to complete a prompt about the visions dancing in  heads!  What do we really want for Christmas?!?!
It is a great tie in to talk about when an illustrator draws "dreaming boxes" what the reader understands!  It also lead to a great discussion of what "dancing in my head" means.
Creating this activity is so easy!
1. Read and discuss poem.
2. Students share what they are dreaming about this Christmas.
3. Take pictures of students with Santa hat pretending to sleep.
4. Print and cut out pictures.
5. Glue pictures to a doily.
6. Complete sentence.
7. Cut and glue to construction paper.

I found the idea on Mailbox Education Center.  Click on the picture to go to the web site.
I made a new speech bubble to use next year!  You can find it free at my TPT store!  Please send a link of your class if you try it!  Would love to see what you create!

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