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Cutting Wreaths

We made paper wreaths to practice cutting skills!  and to celebrate Christmas!
How easy and fun is it!  Check out the step by step pictures and directions!

1st- Fold a piece of 9X12 green construction paper in half...hot dog fold!

2nd-Fold it again...hot dog style.

3rd-Open...it should now be folded in half with folded edge pointed towards belly.  The open edge is away from the body and there is a folded line running horizontally across the paper.

4th- Cut straight lines from the folded paper edge to the folded middle line.  Be sure to cut right to the middle line!  "Touch the middle line!"

5th- Keep cutting equal size lines!  Thumb up, elbow in!

6th-Keep going until the end!

7th- Open paper.

8th-Fold 2 outer edges to touch in the middle.

9th-Fold into a triangular prism.

10th- Staple edges!


It is so important to practice scissor skills! Click on picture below to get a copy of TIPS FOR CUTTING with Scissors!