Reading CvC Words with Puzzles

We have finished working with segmenting and have moved onto blending the words...making the sounds touch...so we can read words!

What's an easy, fun way to make that happen?

Use self-checking puzzles!  Blend the sounds together, make them touch so you can read the words.  Find the picture that matches.  If the puzzle pieces match, you did it correctly and you win the prize!

What prize you ask?

You get to write the word on the paper!  So exciting for kindergarten!
The students then take the paper home to share with parents!
What do you do to practice reading cvc words!


  1. Great hands on resource. A fun way to learn phonics

  2. Excellent and motivating way to teach phonics!

  3. Thanks! They love that they can read the words independently(sometimes with a picture help).