First Day Fun!

Today was the first day of school filled with so much excitement and fun!

I have 2 extended day classes that are 1/2 day each.  There are 14 students in the morning and 16 students in the afternoon.  I provide the extra reading, writing, and math skills to supplement the 1/2 day curriculum of our district.  There were:

3 crying students
1 crying Mom
2 runners
1 "I am in charge" challenger
1 crawling under the table wanderer

We persisted and accomplished many things.

In the morning:
We wrote our names, learned each others names, read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, practiced the "freeze"game, played on the playground and practiced lining up to the whistle (We did so well that we had extra recess time.), went to lunch and had music class with Mrs. Henson.

Check out how well the am students write their names!
In the afternoon:
We ate lunch, worked with Mrs. Weih, read The Rainbow Fish, learned the names of our friends, wrote our names with sidewalk chalk on the playground, practiced lining up to the whistle, sorted fiction books, and worked in centers (Lincoln logs, building blocks, markers, big blocks, housekeeping).

What a great exciting day!

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