Center Time

At the end of each day, we work in centers to practice all the skills needed for kindergarten.

Students currently are working on talking in a whisper voice, sharing, working the entire time, staying focused, and cleaning up all supplies. 

This work time will become longer and longer each day to build the stamina of the students so that when guided reading begins, all students can work independently of the teacher.

Activities will change in each center throughout the year.  Only 2 students go to a center at a time.  Students must stay in the center spot for the entire time but choice is given to the student for the activities that are completed in that particular center.  Click on the links to find resources.

Science/Art Center: paint a picture, use magnifying glasses to sort pictures, explore with magnets, put together the frog life cycle, complete a plant puzzle, read nonfiction books

Reading Center: read books, match rhyming words, match alphabet magnetic letters, sort objects by beginning sounds, trace alphabet on white board, lacing alphabet letters


Play Dough: make snakes and nests, build the letters of name, make numbers, make play dough balls match a 10 frame, build characters to tell story


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Math: make pictures with pattern blocks, create pictures with pattern blocks, trace numbers, make patterns with unifix cubes, place numerals on ten frame, match ten frame with numbers, dice roll game

Computer: Go to Starfall and see the games.  We use PebbleGo to research and learn about many things!  Check out the newsletter for the user name and password.
Fine Motor: peg boards, design tiles and patterns, Sort and Snap Color Match, mosaics with Pattern Cards, cut/color

i pads: various apps (Brainpop Jr., Leo's Pad:Preschool Kids Learning Series, Max & Ruby Science!, Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games, Alphabet Game-Build Letter Confidence, A to Z Music Videos from ABCmouse.com, Everyday Math Monster Squeeze)
Listening: listen to story and create picture about favorite part (check back later for pictures)

The aide pulls students to work on art projects based on our theme or unit of study.  She will also begin to pull small groups to help complete kidwriting activities or skill work.

The teacher pulls groups to work on reading/writing skills based on the needs of the students.

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