Marvelous Monday

Skills for Learning
We worked on listening skills today.  Snail came to join Puppy from the Second Step Program.
Click to get snail puppet
This lesson helped the students teaching by the following concepts.
  •   Focusing attention involves using eyes, ears, and brain.
  • You can focus your attention just by thinking about it, and the more you do it, the better you get at it.
  • Using self-talk helps you focus attention.
We played "Follow, Follow" using Snail and Puppy (Say  "Follow, Follow" instead of Simon Says).

The students had to listen only to Snail.  If Puppy tried to tell the students to do an activity, the students had to be still and not move. It was a great way to develop listening skills, motor skills, and impulse control.

Right now we are only doing one step directions.  "Follow, Follow. Put your hands on your head."

Letter/Sound Practice
We watched a new Letter/Sound video.  Practicing each day will help learn the names of the letters and the sounds.

Shake the Beans
We practice working with the number 5.  We used 2 side beans (find here) to look for ways to make 5.  You can also make different colored beans using Lima beans and spray paint.  See activity from education.com
1. Count 5 beans in hand. 2. Shake those beans.  3, Dump on floor. 4. Verbalize results (3 red beans and 2 white beans equal 5 beans)

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