Social and Academic Skills

We have been working with Puppy and Snail to practice listening skills.  It is extremely important to let kindergarten students practice skills to help make them better learners.

The major focus this week is to have the students practice repeating directions to help them remember directions.  Students play a game like "Simon Says" but it is called "Follow, Follow."  In this game, the students have to  repeat the directions before they act.  Click on the picture for Game Gal web site.


Teacher, "Follow, Follow, touch your toes."
Students repeat, "Touch your toes," then they touch toes.

Once students can repeat and follow one step directions, try it with 2 step directions.

Teacher, "Follow, Follow, turn around and touch your toes."
Students repeat, "Turn around and touch your toes." then they turn around followed by touching toes.

Your goal is to have the students repeat directions in their heads all year long so they will become  great listeners in school which results in learning.

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