Print Awareness


 Work on these skills all year long!  Any order is fine!
  1. Front of book. 
  2. Print contains message
  3. All directionality such as:  where to start reading, which way to go (l to r), return sweep, word by word matching
  4. First and last part of a sentence
  5. Bottom of the picture
  6. Line order
  7. Left page before right
  8. Change in letter order and word order.  You could rewrite a page and change the word order in a sentence, and change the letter order in a word.
  9. Meaning of period, question mark, comma, quotation marks
  10. If shown a capital letter, can they point to the corresponding lower case somewhere on the page?
  11. Finding reversible words like “no” (on) and “was” (saw)
  12. Using 2 cards, have them slide the cards to make a window and show you: one letter, two letters, one word, two words, first letter of a word, last letter of a word, and capital letter.  Use the term “capital” when teaching this concept.  This use of cards is best done on one line of text.

All of this can be taught incidentally as you are working with books.  It was found that some students don’t understand how books/print works.  That’s what this teaches them.

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