Learner Centered Environment

My room is ready for a new group of learners and it looks very different from a traditional classroom.  There are only 3 tables for group work. The students use the room as they see fit; there are no assigned desks.
Here is view from the door, across the room.

I have always wanted to provide the optimal setting for learning and research talks about the best classroom design.
Check out the article from MindShift:

To Foster Productivity and Creativity in Class, Ditch the Desks!

Can you find my desk from the picture above????  I didn't "ditch the desk" but it morphed!

Soon to be Listening Center in front!

Here is:
A light up box under the desk!  Can't wait to see how it will work and be used!

SO my classroom philosophy of design:

1. Make special areas for students to work.

small seating area near the writing center

The large blank wall will eventually include out Kidwriting Crowns along with our writing descriptors and check lists.
small carpeted area to hang out and work
2. Keep things neutral and let the lessons spark the interest.
Reading tables
All those blank cupboards will develop as the learners decide what to place to display

3. Supplies and materials emerge as the community in our classroom emerges.
Fine Motor Area

It has only has puzzles and Potato Heads on the shelf right now!  Eventually, materials will replace and switch with these as the year progresses.

Check out the other interesting areas in our room!
Pretend Center

Soon to be Science & Art

Classroom Library

Another article I found helpful was 3 Quick Tips for a Beautiful, Brain-Friendly Classroom.


  1. I always love to see classrooms. The goodie I got from yours is the light box. Great idea. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. The light box is new to me this year and so easy to make! Christmas lights and a transparent box, tad-ah!