My First Linky Party

My first Linky Party! Five For Friday 
I have enjoyed all the "Linky Parties" that I have participated in as a "stalker!"

Riley had her first day as a 6th grader!  

Teddy and Samantha were not too excited to get up early to take pictures.  Of course!?!  I had in service so ......I had to leave before they were ready!
 I had to see what happened through their pictures.
 Even a picture with dad!  I'm so surprised!  

Samantha took the pictures....so no recording of all 3 of my kids!  This is why  never have family shots!

PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS...the push for our Kindergarten goal this year to help strengthen and refine the reading process for our kinders!  I stayed up until 1:30am last night perfecting my Humpty Dumpty resource!  I can't believe I wasn't tired!  Click to get resource.

I am so excited to combine reading & writing with these skills!  (Thought about the writing after I had gone to bed! so I added a few sheets this morning) How will I ever do this when I am teaching?

Check back later to see it in action!

It was "Meet the Teacher Night" on Tuesday!  Here are the name tags I made for the students!  It was so fun to see them try to find their names!

I used Super Susie Clip Art from Scrappin Doodles I love her clip art!  Check out her store.


I made a movable learning station!  I used a drip pan from Wal-Mart and command strips! I am so excited to see how it works!  I think that it will be a great addition to our classroom.
My teacher friend (Thanks Jen Cooper) introduced these to me and they are the best thing I ever found!  If you need to hang anything heavy...these will do the trick! 


We had our first in service and I am so glad I finished my book study.  This was a great book to get me ready for the start of school!  It was so rewarding to see all the teachers that studied this book on my team!  I can't wait to put the ideas into action.

It's an easy read if you are searching for ways to improve reading for your K+ readers! 


  1. Welcome to your first Five for Friday!

    Looks like you had a great week! :D

    Marine :)
    Tales from a Very Busy Teacher

  2. Aren't 5 for Friday great?! I love those super hero clip art people. I'm going to go check those out!

  3. Welcome to Five for Friday! Your name tags are adorable.