Phonological Awareness-Syllables

 Syllable awareness is one component of phonological awareness. Students need the  ability to hear phonemes that comprise words and to explore speech sounds as syllables.

I made this great game to practice!  FEED THE ANIMALS!  The students need feed the goat (1), dragon (2), octopus (3), or alligator (4) different food or objects based on the number of syllable in the name.

1 syllable goat-green colored-egg, fish, ant, rug
2 syllables dragon-orange colored-yogurt, apple, wagon, anchor
3 syllables octopus-purple colored-tomato, ladybug, pineapple, bumblebee
4 syllables alligator-blue colored-watermelon, caterpillar, pepperoni, motorcycle

There are also 2 cut & paste sheets to use to check understanding individually!

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