Amazing Second Week!


 Teaching students the rules for listening with the cassette is so much fun!  Only 1 out of 21 students knew the word cassette.

The students had to practice pushing the correct buttons (the colored circles help) and following along at the turn the page sound.  Turning the pages seems to be the most difficult part!

After hearing the story, From Anne to Zach the students practiced writing their own names.  We discussed the capital letter and all the lower case letters. The students traced their names and I was surprised that many students did not know what trace meant.  It was a great lesson!


We looked at the capital and lower case letters!  We discussed if they we the same or different and sorted into 2 piles.  We then had to place the cards onto our classroom rug so we practiced visually seeing and matching the letters.  When we were finished, we had to pick up the letters and hop from one letter to the next.  There we so many skills we practiced in one lesson!  It was great to watch the discussions happen between the students.

I discovered a great new site this week! Epic! is absolutely free to elementary school teachers and school librarians in the US and Canada. A favorite with teachers and students around the country, Epic! brings access to unlimited children's literature into every classroom. The diverse and wide-ranging library of eBooks and audio content can be used as a general resource or as part of the curriculum. Epic! encourages young readers with badges and rewards, while letting teachers assign books and track individual reading progress.

So far we read and learned about Sharks to start our study!  The students can't wait until I can download this to the ipads.  They want to individually learn about alligators, monkeys, and butterflies.

Go to Epic Books for Kids to sign up and use this program!  I am so excited to add this to my class library!  Class Library you say!!!  Check out our class library that features AMAZING ARTISTS!

We finished our paper tearing of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree!  Paper tearing is a great activity to work the fine motor skills!  The end product looks so amazing as a classroom display!

The students needed t find the capital glitter letter and then the lower case letters or their nae to personalize the product.  It was great fun to have them mix up the letter and name them out of order!  Pasting them in order is always easy!
It is great to see how student work brightens the room!
The before picture!!

Check out my bracelet that arrived from "Vantel Pearls!"  I love it!  You should go to a home party and check it out for yourself!


  1. It is great to see and hear all the new things Hailee is learning in class. We are so proud of her. Keep up the great work kindergartners!

  2. Thank you, Nicole. Hailee liked doing the game on the carpet best!