Goal Setting

We read Bear's Bargain by Frank Ash! From Scholastic Big Books!  
You can find the story on you tube here.

Click on the picture to find the Scholastic Website to purchase.

 It is a wonderful story that tells about Bear and Bird's wishes.  After discussing the story, we talked about our wishes and goals for the year!  

The students had to set a goal and color a soccer ball as a reminder!  The goals were displayed in the hallway!

You can find a sample of the goal sheets on my TPT store for free!!  Click on the picture to visit my store.  Please leave some love if you download!  There are samples for grades K-5!

We wrote 2 complete sentences each day to go with our goals on chart paper!  We focused on reading names, writing letters to make words, leaving spaces, and using an ending mark!  It is great review and writing 2 sentences a day helps keep the focus of  5 year old students!

Here are a few on one sheet!  All of the students could read their own names and some are starting to read the names of others!  Many of the students are starting to read and spell to !!  ....which is so exciting to watch it happen in the context of writing!

We will continue to finish the rest of the goals week!  "Mrs. Marines, when will you write my name?" is the question I hear as often as "Is it play time, yet?"  Yes, some do know my name!!!
Click back next week to see what we do with these sentences!

You can also watch this bear video read by Frank Ash, himself!!!!
Be sure to  visit Frank Ash's website for many activities! http://frankasch.com

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