Sequencing Slow Down

We completed a Humpty Dumpty sequence activity today and boy was I surprised!  I thought this would be an easy activity for kindergarten students!  It took way longer than I thought!
Here is the picture I made for the students to use.

The students had to cut around the 4 rectangles. I had to help many of them hold scissors and follow the lines!  We will need to do more cutting activities to work those finger skills!  

Check out picture below:These great students were practicing really hard to hold those scissors correctly!  Are you amazed as I am!?!
The students had to put the pictures in order from the beginning to the end!  I was so surprised to find that many of the students  messed up the order and needed help!  It was so fun to see their faces when I said, "Your pictures shows all the kings horses and men couldn't put Humpty together again , then Humpty sat on the wall, then Humpty fell off the wall!" 
 Then the student had to point to the beginning, end, then middle of the story!  Asking out or order had many students pointing to the wrong answer!

After answering all my questions, the students glued their pieces to a headband in order!  Yes, we had to work on which side of the paper showed the beginning.

 Check out the cute finished product!  They we so excited to wear their headbands!
I realized that I need to slow down my instruction and focus on what the students need at this time of the year!  Keep reminding me!!!

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  1. Awesome job guys. Keep up the good work. Also hi jade lol love you
    From Lisa Baublitz