Beginning Sounds and Fine Motor

Students discuss and decide on an answer before they complete an activity!   This is such an important skill to develop with all students.
Once we practice with partners, the students can then try the activity independently.  It provides a geat opportu7nit for students to practice on their own.  The teacher can observe and decide if the students can complete the skill.
This is a great game that focuses the students on the initial sound in words.  The letter is in the middle and pictures go around the outside edges.

.  The student needs to say the sound and decide if the sound is heard in the beginning of each picture. A small clothes pin (found in craft section at Walmart) is used to mark the picture if it has the correct sound.  The student then must name the picture, say the sound heard at the beginning of the words, and then tell the letter name.  These cards really help solidify the letter name and sounds.  Click on the picture to find the card at my store.
Getting the students to "pinch" the clothes pin with the correct grip really works the fine motor muscles and helps the student with writing and holding the pencil correctly!

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