Five for Friday

Five for Fiday {Linky Party...Oct. 16!}

 Check out the cool books that arrived in the mail!?!  I had them saved on my amazon account to eventually buy, and my darling husband ordered them all for my class!
Many go great with the Second Step program I am using to teach about empathy!  Big Plans is for the beginning of the year for goal setting!  I may use it soon to focus on the new goals since the kiddos are doing so well and meeting the Kindergarten goals so far this year!

 On Tuesday, we had inservice and worked on Phonological Awareness!  It was a great time to solidify my knowledge.  The great questions, discussion, and sharing time help me understand this difficult skill that is often overlooked in Kindergarten and First grade!  Just because students can read words doesn't mean they understand the phonemes!
I made baggies to share with the K Staff that covered rhyme matching, onset-rime, blending, and segmenting skills!  
 I hope they get used many times!

You can also read other information on my page! Phonological Awareness Skills!

On a personal note!  I went to Seneca Falls, New York this past weekend with Riley to visit Samantha at Chiropractic College!  They did PUMPKIN CHUNKIN as I took the picture!  It was so fun!

Making connections with students is so important in school!  Building bonds can increase the learning atmosphere and learning within the classroom!
I watched many videos about Conscious Discipline to help with a few difficult students!  
Children need eye contact, touch, presence and a playful setting!
Check out the video that explains the basics! 

Be Calm Bunny finally visited!  The students passed bunny around the circle and whispered about a time they were happy!  Now BUNNY sits near a chair and the students can visit him any time they are feeling uncomfortable and need a break!

So far only 3 students have needed BUNNY!
One student becomes very upset during transitions and goes to get help from BUNNY on his own!  It has really helped him focus!
Another student was missing dad and started to cry!  One of her friends gave her a hug and found BE Calm Bunny for the crying child!  It was lovely to watch!
The third student was hungry and instead of complaining to me, he went and spoke with Be Calm Bunny!  It was amazing to watch how he took ownership of his problem!  (A few Teddy Grams helped later)

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  1. Bless your husband ordering the books for your class - so lovely! Pumpkin chunkin looks and sounds great!!! Be Calm Bunny is so cute!

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