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  I learned a great focus idea from my Physics teaching husband.  That's right...PHYSICS...high school honors students are his specialty and he also works with the gifted students.  Think Sheldon Cooper that plays football...yes!?! he also coaches football...smart and athletic...but has the same problem with his students focusing as I do in kindergarten!!!
What?!?  What?!?
One of his honors students started holding up his fingers chanting "focus fox!"  It worked.  He couldn't believe how well the others turned and began to listen.  I LOVE focus fox and have been spreading the word throughout my elementary school!

Can you see the fox?  It took a while, too. Open and close your fingers as you say "focus fox."  Focus fox then looks around for others that are focused!  If it works for Physics students, I know K Kiddos will love it!

One of the best sites you will ever find for printable books!  I LOVE every book they have published!  I have almost every free book and I have purchased many books on my own with PTA money, district money, and my own!  If you teach guided reading, you must check out this site!  I know you will love it!  Let me know if you need help with the free printable books! CHECK OUT this site!  RR Books

You will so LOVE these books and I do not get paid to say that!  No endorsements here! Great picture to text help with beautiful pictures!

Here is the link for their free ABC book so far!  Be sure to save them because they do take off the books and add others!   http://readingreadingbooks.com/bookstore.aspx?s=97  

This was Parent Visitation Week!  Love, Love, Love seeing the parents!  It seems like so much pressure, but the look on the kids faces when the parents arrive is priceless!

It is also pretty funny to watch calm students jump out of there seats with excitement!  It makes for a great day!  I hope all parents get a chance to visit some time this year!

Have been working on those goals!  Right now only 2 out of 21 students can recite the alphabet!  That L,M,N,O,P mess up so many!  Many of the students put their mouths, tongues, and lips in the wrong spot so the letter names come out sounding like different letters!

This video changes the rhythm and may help some strugglers!

Hopefully, my technology will begin working!  Made SHARK Chatterpix videos!  I so love this app!  The kids had so much fun creating their sharks and recording their voices!  I typed the words so you could hear the exact words.  I am trying to upload all of them for another post but here is a sample!  Chatterpix is free and so simple even a teacher of 27 years can use it!!!

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  1. I love the Focus Fox! I think any time we shake things up a little bit with a new signal, it really helps a lot!
    Thank you for sharing that - I am totally going to use it!
    :o) Pamela
    Hedgehog Reader