Get Ticked!

Nurse Dani came to visit our class today and taught the students about keeping safe from ticks.  She showed the size of a tick using a dime (and let them keep it), provided a bookmark to take home to share with parents, and used a cookie to show the rash that could happen from a tick bite ( along with the visual two of the students are holding).

It was an informative lively discussion!
After this great presentation, we wrote a thank you letter to Nurse Dani.  Writing a letter after something so informative provides writing for a purpose.  Check below to see a copy of the letter.
The students did an amazing job of helping say the sounds heard in the words.  It provided great phonological awareness practice.  We even hit a few words to work on Phonemic Awareness (click here for a review)!  So many ways to hit the skills needed to become readers and writers was provided in the one activity!

Signing their names was great practice too!

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