We have been working so hard to isolate and practice the beginning sounds!  
This week we used the alphabet center to say the beginning sound of a picture and decide which letter made that sound.
The alphabet center is from Learning Resources!  I love this center and so do the students!  The students like to play this game by themselves during Center Time!

We focused on the "Magic C' letters that we have learned so far this year!  a,d,c  These are special letters because they start with a c.  If a student always starts with the "Magic c" when making these letters, they will not turn backwards!  Check out the HWT video to help you practice.
I have a Magic C Bunny Puppet from Handwriting Without Tears!  Although we don't use this program, the bunny comes in handy to focus the students on the letters.  If you click on the piture below, it will take you to the site
You can purchase a mini puppet on amazon but you would have to sew on the "c"

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