100th Day of School!

We have been at school now for 100 days and are working so hard to learn.
Each student was asked to bring in 100 small snacks to create "Friendship Salad" to share.  

Each child added an ingredient to the bowl and spoke about what makes a good friend.

The students had great responses:
Shares things
Says nice words
Helps if I'm hurt
Is kind to me
Plays with me
Invites me to a birthday party
Comes to my house to play Xbox
Pick me to play with them
Asks "Do you want to be my friend?"
Gives me something to do if I don't have something

I wanted to add a rotten banana that was yelling, hitting, and saying mean thing, but the students would not let me.

After mixing all the friendship ingredients, we divided the mixture into bags and celebrated all of our friends!

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