Rhyming Stories and Ideas

I am so excited to be thinking about next year! Yes, it is July 1st and I'm thinking about next year!

One of the more difficult things for my at risk students is rhyming so I made a bunch of rhyming games, searched the web for activities, and found some of the best books I want to use at the beginning of the year!

Rhyming-These are great stories that the students love to her over and over!

Bright colors
love her colors
Great Poem book
Great for goal setting!
Love song on youtube

All these books are great!
Love prediction
Love the rhyme!
Colorful picts

These are the websites I love to use. Click on pictures to go to the sites!  This site shows a word so phonics is added  to the rhyming skill!  If the mouse hovers over the picture, it will say the name so it's great for non readers.

The following pictures have a link to my store!  I have many rhyming games  that I use to have fun in my classroom!  We use them whole group, then they can be used in centers or for small group activities when needed!  I hope you can use them in your classroom to have fun!

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