Numeration Dice Fun!

Working with numbers happens naturally in a fun way when you play games!  We are working on learning 1 to 1 counting, number sense and so many skills by doing a few fun things! Click on the picture below for a free resource using dice that helps with number sense!
 Work with a partner, roll a dice, tell your partner the number shown or count so you can tell your partner!  Be sure to divide the students by the ones that know the numbers with a friend that may need more help!  Students can help each other learn!

 Or search the room and practice! The students had so much fun...just...

hide a bunch of clues around the room and students search for a match and color on a recording sheet!  It gave me great observation time to see the students that need visual help and number sense!
 Here is a resource to  to work with the number 5 and dice!

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