Goals Galore!

Setting goals and working towards them helps show growth  in the classroom. It is also a skill for future learning.

Procedures for Goal Setting

1st-Read Goals Setting Books

Start with a  few books about reaching dreams and setting goals! Check out Giraffes Can't Dance...all about not letting other discourage you from your dreams! Check out 5 Goal Setting Read Alouds.

2nd-Discuss Goals

The students then talked about their goal for kindergarten and filled out a football goal sheet. Yes, watch as they color and get instant information about hand grip and pencil control!

Football Goal Setting Teach Magically

3rd-Display Goals

Place goal sheets where they can be viewed as a reminder or be sure to have them where students can reference them.
Teach Magically Goals for Goal Setting

4th-Keep Track of Goals

Now each time the students meet a goal, they sign the class goal sheet! It keeps the goals visible and in the students' minds!  It is so cool to see the names added as the weeks progress.

I also have a comprehensive goal sheet in each Learner's Journal.  The students color or circle when they meet a goal. They are so excited to look in their journals and talk with each other about what they know!

They can also record on a learning journal app like @Seesaw. (free for teachers) Click on any picture to find edible goal sheets! on Seesaw.

5th-Set New Goals

Setting new goals keeps learning moving in a cycle. The new goals are then discussed and displayed...the cycle repeats.
Goal Setting Football Theme Goals

Here are some Goal Setting resources:

Teach Magically Goal Setting Pin
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