Pumpkin Number Time!

We have a PUMPKIN Number Path to practice with number sense!

Students use it to count to and move up and down like a number line!  The number path is better because young mathematicians can see that 5 stands for 5 pumpkins.  It makes numbers more meaningful!
Then I hid these cards around the room!
  The students use clip boards to search for the cards, count the dots, then color a matching pumpkin on a recording sheet.

They have to hold the clip board like a doctor, so they are practicing building upper body strength needed to write neatly! (writing on vertical surface helps this)
I also cut apart 2 copies of the digits to make a matching game.  It was the first center chosen on the day I introduced it!  It beat potato heads, play-dough, and kitchen! What?!?
Yes, the magnetic numbers make it fun, too!

You are the best teacher ever!

is what I hear when we get out the pumpkin papers and search the room!  I guess K kiddos like to move!!!

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