Happy Birthday!

Birthday are so special to Kindergarten students! So we celebrate in a fun way!
The students decorate a "Birthday Crown," cut it out, paste it to a sentence strip, and participate in a poem!

Echo Poem (Teacher models poem and students repeat)

Teacher: ________ had a birthday.
Students: ________ had a birthday.

T:_______ had a cake. (touch fingertips together in circle)
S:_______ had a cake. 

T: ________'s  mother mixed it. (pretend to mix cake)
S: ________'s  mother mixed it.

T: and ________ watched it bake. (pretend to slide cake into over)
S: and ________ watched it bake.

T: icing on the top (spread icing over, palm down)
S: icing on the top

T: icing in between (palm up. spread icing)
S: icing in between

T: It was the finest cake you have ever seen. (point with pointer finger)
S:  It was the finest cake you have ever seen.

T; Candles on the cake. (hold up fingers for age of child...students hold up that number of fingers....be sure to comment in different ways to make the number... 3&3....4&2....5&1)
S: Candles on the cake.

T: Count them now with me (touch each finger to nose to count)
S: Count them now with me.

T: How many candles on ____'s cake?
S: (state number, usually 6 in K)

T: How old is _______?
S:  (state age again)

T: How many time do I get to pull ______'s ears?
S:  (state age again)

Pull ears!

Be sure to count aloud as pull ears and ADD one to grow on! (I pull a bunch if times)

This is such a special, fun time in the classroom.  It also provides a great opportunity to observe the students that can repeat, count, and focus!

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