Never Enough Practice!

 I am so amazed at how much my students have learned so far this year!  They just don't understand when my eyes fill up with tears as they read independently...or my loud screams of excitement!

BUT...I'm amazed that learning the letters and sounds can be so difficult or cause some confusion with the letter names or sounds.

Soooo what do you have to so as a teacher...SLOW DOWN and provide opportunities for practice!

WHAT,,,how do you do that with standards and expectations!

JUST DO IT!  It is so important to make decisions based on the learning of the students not on the expectations from Common Core Standards, Parents, Administrators, or other teachers!

So we are going to be practicing with a fun snoefalke game and 2 fun games! Oh, Yeah!

  • Go Fish!
  • Concentration!

Playing games isn't a waste of class time - it's an intelligent and purposeful use of time!

 We will also just pull a letter from the mitten shape and say the letter and sound!  If you get it right, you keep the snowflake!  When time is up, we count the snowflakes and compare so we add math skills to a phonics game! 

Here are the resources I use to make learning fun!