Phonemic Awareness, Rhyming and Phonics

 Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, Say What?

What is the difference?
Phonological Awareness the is big idea and Phonemic Awareness focuses on each individual sound.

Click here for more info. on Phonological Awareness skills. Some skills are easier that others so more teaching time may be required.

What about Phonics and Phonemic Awareness?

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics are co-dependent! Phonemic awareness is done without any letters. As soon as you add letters, you have moved to phonics. Do phonemic awareness at every chance and add the phonics as soon as letters are learned.

 Don't wait until all letters are known.

First we practiced orally! Each day for 2-3 minutes, I would say the 2 sounds (onset-rime) and the students would clap the word.
Teacher: /b/  /at/
Students clap: bat

Once a few letters where know we started a chart. Eventually we added more to make an anchor chart by adding letters to match the sounds we said! Oh yeah!  Phonics!

at anchor chart Teach Magically
Eventually, students could practice reading the words independently or they would find the word after we blended it as a class! (Great way to focus on beginning sounds!) Oh yeah FUN!

Combining all these skills help beginning readers make sense of reading so they are better able to focus on reading fluently for reading comprehension.

Be sure to check these skills if teaching beginning readers or older readers where reading seems difficult!

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