Fun Bubble Gum!

We have learned all letters and sounds, but some are still confused so we played a fun game! Yes, you can play games in school!  We call them educational games!

We reviewed the letters and sounds to help make this information solid but added a more difficult skill to stretch our minds!

What did we do?

We chose a letter card (cat).  Said the beginning sound /k/. Then found the letter to color that matched the sound on our bubble gum boards.  If it was on the board, the letter name was said, "c."  
If all bubble gum circles are colored, we yelled, "Bubble Gum!"

How did we stretch our minds?

After marking the letter....if the word had 4 or less sounds we stretched the word to work on phonemic awareness.  It was so exciting to see students able to complete this difficult skill independently!
Segment cat- /k/  /a/  /t/           Segment vest- /v/  /e/  /s/  /t/

Give it a try!  See if you can segment a few times a day!  Make it fun!

If you want to make you own cards, click below on the picture.
This resource has an editable page so you can differentiate!


  1. This is such a fun activity! Thank you so much for sharing about it and for making pages that are easy to differentiate. That is so useful!

  2. That looks so much FUN! Thanks for sharing. I am excited to try it out.