Snowmen Segmenting!

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For children to understand what they read, they must be able to read words rapidly and accurately. Rapid and accurate word reading frees children to focus their attention on the meaning of what they read so we use cute no prep snowmen to practice this difficult skill.

We had so much fun segmenting snowmen that showed us pictures on their bellies!  We used snowballs (cotton balls) to segment and search for sounds.
Say the first sound as you move a cotton ball onto the first snowman.
Say the second sound and move the snowball.
Say the last sound and move the final snowball!

Then we went back and wrote the letters that stand for the sounds!

We practiced reading the sounds and saying the word!

Each page had a specific short vowel sound!  Next week, we will work on mixed vowels to help us solidly understand all the parts of a word!

Here is the resource

Other products to help segment!


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