General Kindergarten Information

What does kindergarten look like? Check out some info. on what it looks like at my school.
 Regular Schedule
1 Hour Delay Schedule
2 Hour Delay Schedule
Planned Early Dismissal Days

Unplanned Early Dismissals
(due to inclement weather)
Parents will be asked to complete a form that each teacher will keep with information regarding the care for the child in the event of an unplanned dismissal. Note that the YMCA Aftercare does not operate on these days.

Typical Daily Schedule
(Please note that the order of activities will vary from class to class but the basic activities are very similar)
Class Meeting
Kid Writing
Guided Reading/Small Group Instruction
Literacy Stations/Centers
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/Sight Word Activities
Read Aloud
Content (Science, Social Studies, Health)

Available from 7:35-7:45. Children go right from the bus to breakfast. If dropping your child off at school please arrive by 7:35 if they are going to breakfast. It is important to remember that this is a service provided by the district to use as needed, not a time for socialization. Students eating breakfast need to be responsible and able to eat in the time allotted to not be late for class.

Kindergarten students will be able to pack their lunch daily or purchase lunch in the cafeteria. These students will have a 20 minute lunch period as well as 2 recesses at some point during the day (exact schedule varies by building).

Student ID Numbers
Please help your child memorize this number. It will be used every year for library books and meals.

Excuse Cards
Please return an excuse card when your child returns to school after an absence. If your child will miss school due to a family vacation, please contact the office for an educational trip form at least 2 weeks before the absence.

Conferences/Report Cards
Conferences will be held with all families at the end of October. Report cards will not be handed out at this time, rather, it will be a time of discussing your child as a learner as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Conferences will be held on an as needed basis the rest of the school year.

Report cards will be distributed 3 times throughout the year and will come home with your child. The report card and anything in the envelope will be yours to keep. The envelope will need signed and returned to school.

Miscellaneous Information
·         Let your child do things for themselves. It may be easier, cleaner, and faster to do various tasks for them (i.e. making a PBJ sandwich, tying shoes, zipping coat, pouring a drink, etc.) but in the long run it is more beneficial for your child to experience the joys and difficulties of working through these daily tasks with support, initially, and eventually on their own.
·         What do I do if my child is advanced? If your child is advanced in one or more academic areas, celebrate! The Kindergarten year is a time for your child to continue growing in their strong areas as well as focus in on those areas in which your child struggles (this could be a non-academic area such as social skills, independence, attention, fine motor skills, etc.). Each building and teacher has their own unique way of meeting the needs of all learners in our short Kindergarten day. Please speak to your child's teacher and/or principal if you have any questions.
·         The only school supplies your child will need is a pair of headphones and book bag that is large enough to fit their school folder (which will be provided at orientation), and lunch box if your child will be packing. Please keep all other supplies (pencils, crayons, etc.) in a special school/homework area at home.

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