Ways to Use Alphabet Poems for Kindergarten

I love to use poetry as much as possible and Alphabet Poems for Kindergarten make poetry an integral part of each day.
Alphabet Poems for Kindergarten from Teach Magically

Working with poetry helps build a culture of reading within any classroom! I love to use a poem a week to help kindergarten/ 1st grade students focus and play with reading and poetry.

1st Day-Listen/Discuss/Read Poem 

I like to have the students close their eyes and imagine what they hear. No pictures allowed! Students turn and discuss what was imagined. Then I show the poem and point to the words as I reread, still no picture...no comprehension questions, just enjoyment of a simple poem.

2nd Day-Reread

I read the poem as I point to the words. Usually the students will join along and read with me. Sometimes I need to encourage them...a slight pause usually works. I usually have an image at this point. Yes, discussion usually follows.

3rd Day-Reread and Take Turns

Students get a chance to point to the words as the class chorally reads the poem. Students love to choose a special pointer. It really helps me see who has one to one correspondence and provides practice.

4th Day-Reread and Hunt
Poetry Procedure from Teach Magically

We practice reading the poem once and then student hunt for words or letters depending on the ability of the students. Once a few students practice chorally reading, the students can circle or highlight words I ask for them to find in their personal journals. I usually only let them hunt the words I ask for because they will sometimes circle all words; I really want to focus the learning. We may also look for Concepts of Print.

Teach Magically Alphabet Poems for Kindergarten
5th Day-Illustrate or Color

We reread the poem in their journals as they all point to the words in journals. We hunt for special words and/or letters then the students can color and illustrate their poem. Once finished, students reread other poems or count words/ letters as they wait for their friends to finish.

Teach Magically Alphabet Poems for Kindergarten
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Check out this short, informative video on how I use these poems! So much fun and rewarding to watch the students grow as readers of poetry!
All Poems Teach Magically Alphabet Poems for Kindergarten
Must Have Poetry Resource

These are a few of my resources if you are interested! I hope you’ve found this information about poetry helpful. If you have any additional tips that might help a teacher, please share below in comments!

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