Developing Number Sense Magically

Numbers and blocks Teach Magically

Teaching number sense should be fun and engaging!

Students need to see math as fun! So try these easy fun ways to make number sense easy, fun, and engaging! Keep an open mind and enjoy the journey!
Student writing with a number path

Develop Math Practices

The Common Core Math Practice Standards describe the skills that students need in order to be successful mathematicians. To develop a deep understanding of math, we want students to get into the habit of asking themselves if things make sense as they work with numbers. Students should be checking their work and explaining their thinking. This helps kiddos “making sense of problems and persevering in solving them” (math practice 1). 
Kids talking Teach Magically

I like to have students work in pairs and explain their thinking especially when subitizing. I try to have a high math student work with a student that needs help. When kids work together to explain their thinking strategies and listen to others, they are “constructing viable arguments and critiquing the reasoning of others” (math practice 3). Analyzing builds number sense and the ability to think flexibly about numbers. By sharing they see there are multiple ways of solving math problems even though math problems may have one right answer.

Focus on the Process, Not the Answer

When students practice counting, they’re learning one-to-one correspondence, or how to match each object they’re counting to each number they’re saying. This can be done so easily with a number path. To help them practice this concept, give students a number path, to take apart and put back together.
Turkey Number Path Teach Magically

As you move into solving addition and subtraction problems, follow the same approach. Encouraging your students to discuss how they came up with their answers gives them an opportunity to vocalize their thought process, which is critical for self-correction and developing an understanding of different strategies for solving problems.
Student writing addition facts

Focus on where they are, not the curriculum

 Watch and observe what your students do as they solve math problems then give them plenty of opportunities to practice and play with numbers.
This fun double game incorporates addition and number sense with body awareness. So fun!

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I hope your students LOVE the magic of math!