6 Best 3D Shapes Videos

Courtesy of NUMBEROCK.com

Math Jokes - 3D Shapes

I love teaching 3D shapes and I use videos, activities, and games to help introduce and reinforce that concept. So I put together a list of a few to help me remember and to save you time!


1. 3D Shapes  by Jack Hartman-Provides real world shapes in a fun song.

2. 3D Shapes Song for Kids by NUMBEROCK-Tells real world shapes with a cute song. Difficult math words are included.

3. Learn 3D Shapes for Kids– A story like video that teaches about sphere, cube, pyramid, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, rectangular prism, and hexagonal prism in an easy way.

4. The 3D Shape Song- A soft song using the words “I am a___.” It shows sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, prism, and pyramid. Also shows length, width, and height.

5. 3D Shapes | First Grade and Kindergarten Learning- This is 20 minute teaching video that reviews the 2D shapes and then discusses the 3D videos.

6. How to Describe 3D Shapes- This 6 minute video describes what makes 3D shapes and links the 2D shapes.

Hope these help you teach 3D shapes!

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