Addition Math Fun

Practicing math skills can be so fun if taught using games! It is so much more fun than doing worksheets!
We had so much fun doing the Double Double rhyme when we rolled 2 dice! I think they heard us across the building! Check it out!
1st-Roll 2 dice! 
I made paper dice that had no 6. Our standard focuses on adding and subtracting to 10 so this made it easier. I do use a 6 if I have advanced students.
2nd-Student must tell each part then the total.
This is a great time to observe the students that need to count the dots! I am so excited when a few start to count from another number instead of all the dots.
Student-” 2 and 5….5, 6, 7. The total is 7.”
Yes, I still have students that have to count each dot when rolled so more number and counting practice is needed!
DOUBLE-If a double is rolled, we do the rhyme from above and you should hear the cheers!
3rd-Record roll on recording sheet (Free Recording Sheet)

This is such a fun game to work with addition facts, numeration, numbers, and number sense all in one stop! So fun! 

Resources we use:


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  1. Fortune Cookie Mom

    It looks super fun. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try it next time.

  2. Unknown

    What a fun and playful idea for practicing Addition!

  3. The K Files

    I bet your kiddos asked to play again and again! I'll have to try it with my firsties.

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