Best Phonological Awareness Activities with Nursery Rhymes

Making everything connect in kindergarten takes a lot of work and brain power for learners!  We connected a song with movement to a book to a poem to sentences to words to letters!  CRAZY!

We read “The Enormous Watermelon” and worked on Nursery Rhymes because the characters in the story are from Nursery Rhymes!!  We learned about Old Mother Hubbard, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Jack and Jill, and Wee Willy Winky.  Saying the rhymes was something new for my students! 

We made the anchor chart to the right and spoke about:

  • saying a poem (or singing it hip hop style)…
  • reading a poem…
  • a poem is made of sentences,,,
  • sentences are made of words, spaces, a capital letter, and punctuation,,,
  • words are made of letters.  
  • We need to know that letters have names and sounds.  
  • We  need to know the letter names and sounds so we can read and write!
We completed a matching word sheet with the sentence that we used!  Being able to connect all of these things can be so difficult for Kindergarten students!  Actually, teaching and talking about it makes the information make sense!  It doesn’t always happen naturally!
Humpty Dumpty is a favorite when combined with Jack Hartman’s  video!  Check out his video!

You can find all of my Language Experience with Humpty Dumpty by clicking on the picture below; there is also a rhyming activity, syllable sort, emergent book, letter/sound hunt, retelling picture, and 3 different writing prompt!  You can teach the phonemic awareness skills with one poem!

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