The Best Site to Practice Skills for Kindergarten Students

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Kindergarten students need engaging activities to learn and practice skills. They need a lot of time to develop al skills…reading, writing, math, thinking…

What app is the best site to practice skills?

Boom cards, of course! Have you heard of them or use them?


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What are boom cards?

It is platform where you will have a student log on and you create or purchase educational activities. They are interactive, fun and easy to use BUT the part that I love the most is that they are self checking.

I use these during center time, free choice time, and distance learning. They are an easy, no prep way to help all students learn and practice skills.

Students don’t have the chance to learn something incorrectly.
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Why are boom cards so great?

  • It’s digital and saves paper.

  • Differentiates instruction.

  • Holds students accountable for independent work. 

  • Saves teachers/ parents time because its done (time saving!).

  • Students love it. 

  • They can receive badges and rewards. 

  • There is immediate automatic feedback. 

  • The deck are mixed up so they can not just memorize the order of answers. 

  • They can not go onto the next card until they get the right answer.

  • It will show them the answer if they give up.

  • You can even buy decks from Teachers Pat Teachers. 

  • The purchased decks will save right to your library. 

  • The price for the premium subscription is only 35$ a year so you can see how the students are doing.

  • They offer a 30 day free trial for premium subscription. 

  • If you don’t want to purchase the premium subscription, you just have to copy the link provided by the teacher and go to the play fast button. Fast play is free. 

  • It is easy to set up your classroom. 

  • Students can use a picture password to login.

  • You can assign all the students the same cards or you can customize it based on individual needs.

  • There is speaker to read the cards.

Check out  to see samples of all the games I use in my classroom.

You can also purchase them from Tpt 👉Teach Magically Boom Cards!

Be sure to check it out!



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