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Segmenting and Blending with TeachMagically
Many beginning readers struggle with blending words as they read. We are going to explore how to help.
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Blending Resources

Here are the links to some of the products I use to help with blending.
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CVC Short Vowel Snowmen
Sorting Short Vowel Tulips
Blending Puzzles
Tons of Ideas

How to Teach Blending

Here are few blog posts that explain how to teaching blending.

I was talking to a friend about her daughter reading, and she was hissing and spitting (it’s what some teachers call it.) 
So what that means is, the child never learned to “blend” the words.

Segmenting First 

When you segment words, and they write them….when you get /c/ /a/  /t/  that’s really important and you want to do that,  but you want to make sure that you teach them how to blend them together. 

Then Blending

So when you say that first sound, you don’t want to stop until you say the next sound. You have to go “caaaaattt” and if you make those sounds touch, that will really help those students, especially when they get into multi-syllabic words; words that are really big. 
So if you have a kid that is hissing and spitting, make sure you teach them that they have to blend those sounds back together.

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