Choral Reading and Shared Reading with Kindergarten

The students were so surprised this week to actually read a big book as a group, and they did all the work!  
I have been telling them for a few weeks that they are actually reading and can figure out a story based on what they know about the characters, what makes sense, and the sound/letters they know.  BUT…I still do not think they believed me!
I did not actually think all of them would actually pay attention and read….because of the times I watch them not focus on the words as we read together!

 “How can you fix it?”  I ask my self over and over?!?!?

Let one of the students do the pointing!  WHAT?
WOW! Was I surprised at how well they focused together as a group!  I actually taped it to record the amazing reading!  The parents can see it on Seesaw! and the students actually watch it when they have choice time!  They love to see themselves on video.
Am I an amazing teacher that makes great learning happen? No, I am a teacher that takes cues from the students and I am always pleased and surprised at the outcome!  They never cease to amaze me!
How did it start?
Me: Please read this book with me focusing on the letters and the sounds they make.
Student: I think you should let me point because I can actually read those words now! (You should have heard the wonder in his voice)
The students then read the book together.  One student pointed and the others read along.  They read, reread, and fixed any mistakes that were made!
Me: WOW!  Great job!  Let’s record that so all of your parents and the world can see how well you read in Kindergarten!
Here is the morning class reading the book so well that I did it with the afternoon class too!  
Why mess with a good thing?!?
Check out the pm class reading and fixing!
The students can’t wait to read a book independently and record it for their parents to see and to share on the class SeeSaw Digital Portfolio. Check out this amazing tool! It’s free for teachers!

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