Classroom Management Lining Up Idea

Classroom Management Lining up Idea Teach Magically

One of the most difficult things to make a classroom run smoothly is classroom management. It can make or break a teacher so I have a bit of advice.

“If you find yourself getting upset with the students’ behaviors…STOP…and think about what you can change.”

I had some issues with students that were running to get into line and fighting about where they wanted to stand in the line.

So I decided to teach exactly what I wanted to see and hear when they got into line.
Kids in Line Teach Magically
I put small pieces of floor tape spaced apart with numbers. Each child was given a number based on the first letter of their name. Hint, hint…ABC order made it easy for me to remember their numbers!

I modeled how the students should line up:
  • Stand up.
  • Walk quietly to their number.
  • Stand quietly facing forward.
  • Wait patiently. (Check out ways to wait patiently.)
They had to tell me what they saw me do and what they heard as I went into line. 

Then I had 3 students practice. As a group we discussed what we saw and heard! A bunch of compliments were given for the great lining practice.

We tried 5 different students next and offered many more compliments. Then we tried the entire class. I offered many compliments for quiet walking students.

For the next several week, before we lined up, I asked the students to “think about” what it should look like and sound like when we get into line.

As the weeks continued, I would give the “thinking reminder” whenever I noticed a rule that wasn’t being followed.
The students then started to get into line with the friends that were in front or behind them. It was magical!

I hope this helps you create a magical classroom experience!

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