5 Best Learning Letters and Sounds Videos for Kindergarten

What is an amazing activity to help learn letters and sounds?

Videos, of course, are the best way to learn letters and sounds in kindergarten because they use so many modalities for learning. Above all, the fun music will stick in their heads.

 I love using the following videos to teach letter sounds and letter names. They are great for brain breaks, extra practice, or to use before reading to get brains ready to read. We also play fun games!

Learn Letters of the Alphabet with Movement

You can see Brain Research for Learning! Check out Jack Hartmann for this great song.

Video I use Daily to Teach the Letters and Sounds

This engaging video focuses on the alphabet and the sounds. We always punch in the air as we say the names and jump for the sounds! Perfect gross motor fun!

Other Fun Videos to Practice Letters and Sounds

This is a fun video to help with sign language skills. The motions do help some kiddos but can be difficult for students with fine motor difficulties.

This cute video has a fun reggae beat. It will make you cool so be sure to act it up!

This fun video is perfect for a beginning introduction. As the students progress, I stop using it because of Barbara’s accent.

Give these videos a try! I’m sure they will add a little bit of magic to the learning of letters and sounds!

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