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 What are some things needed by teachers? 

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Teaching Resources for Free- Teach Magically

You will be given research based, classroom tested materials to make teaching and learning magical!

Cutting guide- teach magically

1. Cutting Guide

I sent this home to help parents understand how to best help kiddos cut with scissors.

Comprehension Questions- teach magically

2.  Reading Celebrations and Comprehension Questions

These are the questions I use to help develop comprehension. I use the CELEBRATION sheet to record notes. I also send the questions home to parents.

Concepts of print Teach magically
I send this note home to help families understand all the things to focus on when reading.
Learning Site Words Can Be Easy By Teach Magically

4. Family Note about Sight Words

This note explains how to help beginning readers learn and practice sight words.

5. Seesaw Counting to 100

Students watch a Jack Hartmann counting video, a pattern lesson and then practice counting. I assign it at 3 different times of the year to see growth.

Students watch a #D shape video then sort the pictures.


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