Morning Meeting + Reading = Learning FUN!

Trying to fit everything into a day is near impossible!  Ask any teacher! So I love when I can combine 2 things into 1 lesson!  More bang for the buck as my dad would say!

I LOVE to combine Morning Meeting with Reading!

I have the student pick a card to stretch, blend, then read (some old timers call this sounding it out)!  The student then has to tape the card on his/her shirt. Click here for Cvc Games that will help develop fluency.

Blog of great practice for reading Teach Magically

Each student then walks around the room to find a partner. Each partner must do some type of class greeting; we love to shake hands!!  We will change the greeting to make it fun each week!

The partner team has to take turns reading the other friends shirt!  Sometimes friends have to help each other!  Click here to see how we blend CvC wordsPartners then change and keep reading!  We work until we have greeted each friend or time is up!
This great practice has us talking and speaking to each other to start the day… and we practice reading!  I LOVE when we combine 2+ things!

Click to find other cvc resources we use to work on cvc words.

I hope you teach magically daily!

💖Debora Marines

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  1. Fortune Cookie Mom

    Smart way! You can get two things done at the same time, and the kids have fun too. Good for you.

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