Best Way to Practice Phonemic Awareness with Fun Segmenting Snowmen

It is winter and time for segmenting, snow, and snowmen! 

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Practice segmenting with these fun snowmen to help beginning readers and writers develop phonemic awareness. Yeah, anything with a snow theme is fun!

How to practice snowmen segmenting.

Since segmenting is such an important skill in phonemic awareness and Phonological Awareness, use these fun snowmen cards and pictures to match the snowflake letters to the picture on the snowman’s belly.
You can see the way all students stay involved at Snowmen Segmenting with Phonics. There is a free resource there, too! The picture will take you to the bundle.
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Snowman Bundle

Segmenting with Snowballs

We also used cotton balls to segment the sounds with movement and then wrote the words on a snowball. The writing of the letters always takes a back seat to the stretching of the words. I only have the students write the letters they know.
Students that have a difficult time recalling the formation of the letters need a little extra help. I model with a ample first, and then they can write right after me! It really helps with making the letters correctly.
You can find out exactly how at Snowmen Segmenting.

This Easy Segmenting Activity is so much fun for students and it actually helps learners look through words which improves reading skills.

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