Spring Flower Blending

Spring has arrived and we are so ready for flowers!!! Oh, yes!!  We are practicing reading words, real and nonsense, to help us focus on the way that sounds go together.  

Beautiful tulips to sort into pots is the perfect way to practice reading fun words! Check out this FREE Sort of Short e Words!

 Short e vowel Sorting Teach Magically Blog

How do we practice reading words? Successive blending!

1st-We say each sound in the words. /b/ /e/ /d/
2nd-We make the first two sounds touch /be/   then add the last sound /d/
3rd-We make all the sounds touch /bbeedd/
4th-Say the word fast-bed
5th-We then decide if the word is real or make believe.
6th-We put the word into a sentence or make up a silly sentence (if it’s a nonsense word).  
Check out this great resource, Blend Phonics, for teaching blending…it may change what you do with sight words!
We also spend some time working on 1 vowel at a time!  We pull the words from a basket!  Then we read the word following the blending procedure and sort the words into a short vowel pot or nonsense word pot!  
After reading the word, we write it on a recording sheet to take home and share with our families!
The recording sheet tells what we practiced at school and asks the family to practice the words!  This makes a great home/school connection!
We also have so much fun mixing up all the tulips and then sorting them by the vowel sounds! 

How do we make it even more fun?

We hop around the table to sort the middle vowel sounds!
What do you do to make things even more fun?

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    It looks super fun. Thanks for sharing.

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