Valentine’s Day All Month Long!

 Happy February!
February Fun TeachMagically
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Do you need a few fun ideas for the month of February? 

I love doing many fun things all about hearts and love this entire month! I love incorporating many different skill sets into all lessons so there are many more skills than the ones stated!!

Make Paper Hearts 

We begin by talking about “line of symmetry’ and how it helps makes hearts!  Then we practice cutting folded paper to make hearts!  It makes it extra special to use “paper shapers” scissors! 

Click to get Cutting Guide to help with fine motor work. 

Free Cutting Guide

It is perfect to send home to families to help with scissor skills.

Teach Magically Fine Motor Symmetry HeartsMath Symmetry Number Sense TeachMagicallyTeach Magically Fine Motor Symmetry Hearts
Some students even tried to cut around the lined heart to make a double heart!  So fun!  The students are so excited and are talking about making their own cards now! 

Valentine Card Giveaway  

Yes, we do a card exchange on Valentine’s Day!  It is a great way to work on writing names!  Send a not home with names and let the fun begin. I am always amazed at the number of students that want to try and spell the names of friends!

Math Talks  

We are working on number sense by doing number talks but then we record if the shape is on our heart! The talking is the most important!
Teach Magically Number Sense
  The coloring within the lines is perfect fine motor work! The cute little birds, makes it fun and engaging! (I love the hearts on the wings of the birds!)
February Birds Number Sense TeachMagically
Click picture to see product.

Read Poems  

We will be practicing reading our February poem!  Then on Valentine’s Day each student will write about what they love! Click on picture to get your free, easy poem to celebrate LOVE! Check out Alphabet Poems for how to teach a poem easily to students.
Love Poem Teach Magically
Free poem link

You can also find no prep fun for an entire day at No Prep Valentine’s Day Worksheets that includes this poem.

Valentine’s Word Work 

We use hearts to segment and blend words! It is a must to help beginning readers work with words!  All students are becoming proficient at reading cvc words in and out of context! Check out why segmenting is so important for beginning readers.
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I hope this helps add a little fun and magic to your classroom!

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