5 Goal Setting Read Alouds

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Reading and talking about goals is an important skill that need to be developed for students. I try to read and discuss many read goal setting picture books to encourage students to work hard to achieve goals. Here are a few of the books that love to share with the students, but you can also see them here in video form.

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These videos from YouTube are great stories to use to discuss goal setting along with hopes and dreams for a growth mindset. I then put the books in my classroom library for all to share.

Great Goal Setting Picture Books

Giraffes Can't Dance-Gerald the giraffe’s long legs are too skinny and his neck is too long so he has difficulty dancing. "Giraffes can't dance," jest the animals when it's Gerald's turn to prance while the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. Gerald starts swaying to his own sweet tune after receiving sound advice from the cricket.

Bear's Bargain-Frank Asch uses his simple, bright illustrative style to bring to life this charming tale where Bear wishes he could fly like Little Bird, while Little Bird longs to be big and strong like Bear. The two friends find creative ways to make each other’s dreams come true.

 A Chair for My Mother (start at 2:08)-Rosa, her mother and grandmother save their coins to buy a comfortable chair for all to enjoy after their home is destroyed by a fire. This tender story about family and perseverance is an excellent selection for practicing the comprehension strategies of visualizing, retelling, and identifying the author’s purpose. 

Amazing Grace-This inspiring picture book brings to life the story about an optimistic girl named Grace that tries out for the role of Peter Pan even after she becomes discourage by her classmates. The message to follow you dreams no matter what other say are beautifully depicted.

Miss Rumphius-Inspired by a true-life story, Miss Rumphius longed to travel the world, live in a house by the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful. This story tells about living for your hearts’ desires and giving something back to the world.

Here are some goal setting resources:

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Kid Writing Crowns and Rhyming

Kidwriting Kidcrowns from TeachMagically 

How do I teach with the Rhyming Posters?

I love to use rhyming posters to help students with writing. The rhyming posters make it easier for beginning readers and writers find words so the focus is the content of the writing. If the students can't spell a word, it helps to say what rhymes with "buzz"...they look at the resource and say was...then they copy it correctly so reading happens, too!

Kidwriting from TeachMagically

You focus on the rhyming part of the "Kidwriting Crowns!

Direct, explicit instruction in kindergarten!  "How?" do you ask? Click to see how I teach these words with direct, explicit instruction on Teach Words Easily.

Depending on the level of the group, my instruction changes. Students that have a good grasp of letter sound relationships write with just a bit of my help. Mostly, my focus is reminding them of the spaces and to expand their stories to include more details. Students that have trouble with sound symbol relationships need much guidance.

writing with TeachMagically
For students that need more guidance, we brainstorm a sentence together and count the words. We stretch or spell the words together. I write the word on the white board and the students do it on their papers. I still underwrite and have the students practice reading and rereading the sentences so reading happen naturally from the writing!

Rhyming Poster kidwriting Teach Magically
You can see that once the students are comfortable with finding the words, writing becomes effortless. She wrote this at free choice centers. So anytime writing happens without a prompt is a win-win!

You can see how it happen naturally when we were doing Sight Word | Word Searches for word work and a student became stuck on a sight word.

Literacy Centers for Writing

Below the students use the word poster during literacy centers to practice writing the words. Remember that copying from a horizontal plane is much easier that from the wall to the table or a vertical plane.
Click to see the Rhyming Posters.
Rhyming Posters from TeachMagically
I love how they have turned out; the border added an extra touch that I love!  I printed them on card stock, laminated and cut them out!! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

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Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme Activities

Nursery rhymes make the perfect starting point for Phonological Awareness Skills. The rhyming makes it fun and so many language skills can be taught along with STEM fun.

Check out all the cool phonological awareness skills I teach with the cute nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Retelling Humpy Dumpty Nursery Rhyme Activity

The students have to cut around the 4 rectangles then put the pictures in order from the beginning to the end! 

It was so fun to see their faces when I say, "Your pictures shows all the kings horses and men couldn't put Humpty together again, then Humpty sat on the wall, then Humpty fell off the wall!" 

Then have the students point to the beginning, end, then middle of the story!  Asking out or order had many students pointing to the wrong answer! This really works left and right which helps with reading and writing.

After answering all questions, glue the pieces to a headband in order!  Yes, you have to work on which side of the paper shows the beginning (the left).

Check out the cute finished product! Headbands! Yeah!

Paper Tearing Humpty Dumpty STEAM Art Activity

Check how to teach paper tearing for fine motor skills.

Humpty Dumpty Anchor Chart


I read and reread the poem many times with the students. This really helps with Word Awareness...one of the Phonological Awareness Skills needed as a basis for reading and writing. Then we create this anchor chart to focus on the way writing consists of sentences, words, and letters. We also talk about the spaces and punctuation.

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Best Songs for Letters and Sounds!

These songs are great for teaching letters and their sounds!  Gross motor skills are developed as the kiddos dance and sing! Plus! It's a lot of fun!
Teach Magically Blog post Learning with Music

The use of music and songs has transformed learning in kindergarten. The visual along with the songs helps students learn more effectively than in the past. Here are the best songs I have found that help with learning letters and sounds. Check out how we use movement to learn the alphabet, Fun Ways to Teach Letters and Sounds.
 The Apple apple Song with Hand Motions - Barbara Milne

This great song has capital and lower case letters.  It provides students with hand signals.  When the students create their own hand signals and/or provide different words to go with sounds, learning expands to a whole new level.

 Alphabet Song | ABC Song | Phonics Song

This song goes through the capital letters, lower case letters and then the sounds! It is usually requested by the students each day! It is fast and has a catchy tune! Kiddos love it!

See It, Say It, Sign It | Letter Sounds | ASL Alphabet

Yep! Once again I LOVE Jack Hartmann videos. In this video he really emphasizes the letter name and the sounds which helps beginning readers! I also talk about ASL and we use a few sings for classroom management.


A fun rap version that focuses more on the sounds than the letter names. The sounds are clipped so it really helps with spelling!

Great gross motor activity using visual letter, letter name, sound, then the student makes a connection with a word.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful. If you have any additional tips that might help a teacher, please share below in comments!

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How to Teach the Fine Motor Activities of Paper Tearing

I LOVE paper tearing to work the fine motor skills! Think about it...the “pointer” finger and thumb naturally pinch together when you tear paper. The fingers naturally fall into my “pencil grip”. Tearing paper is a precursor to writing plus paper tearing is FUN!!! 

After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and watching the video (yep...still on YouTube) we created our own torn paper coconut trees then added our names with cut out letters.

Yep, getting that name work in there!

I also love making Humpty Dumpty Sitting on a Wall to work those muscles!

How do you teach paper tearing for fine motor activities?

1. Use “crab pinchers” instead of fingers
Tell students they need to get out their crab pinchers, and they make a pinching motion with the thumb and forefinger. This helps them realize the only body parts needed to tear are these two fingers....pointer and thumb.

2. Give two choices
Students can “tear in the air” or “use the table as their friend” (holding the paper down with one hand while tearing with the other). Have students practice  to find what works best...plus they will have fun going back and forth as they practice.

3. Move the paper, not the hands

It can be difficult for students to know when to stop when tearing larger pieces of paper. Have the students rotate the paper, always tearing in a downward motion towards themselves.


Teacher reminders for fine motor activity of paper tearing!

Control the paper size
Give out appropriate paper sizes for the task at hand so students have a reference point. It will also save your paper supply!!

Use very slow, systematic steps to show how to do it; be explicit.

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Segmenting Words

Teach Magically Segmenting Syllables

Segmenting fluency is the best indicator of reading success!  The first step is working on segmenting words, or braking the word into syllables. Doing this phonological awareness skill in kindergarten will help children read and write multisyllablic words in the upper grades.

1st-Syllables of Names

Started the syllable study by making a chart of the students names, clapping the syllables, and placing dots to represent the claps. Be sure to practice each day!
Teach Magically Segmenting Syllables Pin

2nd-Clap Vocabulary

Practice clapping the syllables with all kinds of words all through out the day!

  • Talk about Recess--clap |re| |cess|
  • Read Alouds- Chrysanthemum-clap |chry| |san| |the| |mum|
  • Vocabulary- Digit-clap |dig| |it|

3rd-Play Games

Games develop so many attention and listening skills so using a game to develop learning the syllables makes perfect sense!

Teach Magically Segmenting Words Game Feed the Animals Game

The 3 or 4 animal cue cards have dots to help the learners remember the number of syllables! 

(It also helps with math and counting so I like to show it with dots!)

The students choose a card and all learners clap the number of syllables.

The student then has to place it under the correct animal.

The other learners need to give a thumbs up or down to show support.

It's so much fun to hear, "You can clap syllables" or "You clapped the right amount, Yeah."  They are so happy when friends do the right thing!!!


Give time for independent practice. (Remember also clap all kinds of  words from book read in Read Aloud...vocabulary works work well!) Work on a cut & paste activity!  It really shows what the students have learned while developing fine motor skills.  Be sure to ask what they think before deciding on correctness.  Sometimes they supply another word even when we review the words (that tells you a lot about working memory).
Teach Magically Segmenting Words Worksheets
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Concepts of Print Develop Better Readers

Have you ever wondered what you should do to help a child learn to read? It really starts with just reading....but there are simple, easy, important things to do as you read. These are called print concepts which are essential to reading and writing.

teachmagically print concepts

What are Concepts About Print?

They are an awareness of print in everyday environments. Concepts about print involve understanding the difference between words, letters, punctuation and directionality. Print concepts foster reading comprehension and vocabulary growth. Some of these include:
  • left to right tracking of words
  • top and bottom of the page
  • front and back of the book
  • front cover
  • page numbers
  • punctuation marks
  • spaces between words
Click to get Concepts of Print Worksheet

What can you do to help develop concepts about print?

Practice Print Concepts

Talking about words, letters, and stories develops print concepts that makes reading fun and engaging. Model concepts of print and  practice manipulating text. Constantly model print when doing tasks throughout the day and provide varied, fun ways to practice reading. Click here to see fun ways to begin reading before words are known.
conceptsaboutprint teachmagically print

Read to develop print concepts

Constant exposure to different kinds of text and understanding how print works will help develop the skills needed for children to become successful readers. So be sure to read each day. Yes, it's ok to read and reread the same book!

Look for Patterns in Print and Pictures

For example, repetitive sentence patterns (I see the . . . ), sentence location on each page, a common character located on each page somewhere (Mercer Mayer has a cricket, grasshopper, mouse, or spider on each page. In Goodnight Moon, Margaret Wise Brown has the mouse all around the room...and check out the clock.)

Sentence Construction

Print a brief, familiar rhyme or poem on individual word cards then construct and reconstruct the text by line. This will really help kiddos focus on words and sentences. Check out Simple Alphabet PoemsThese simple poems can be used easily.

printconcepts teachmagically conceptsaboutprint

Write a Grocery List to develop Concepts of Print
Ask: “Should we put our first word at the top or the bottom?”
“Will the first letter go on the right or the left?”
“Should the K in Kix be upper case or lower case?”

Sight Word Work Sentence Building

Add cards with names and names of family members, periods, exclamation marks and question marks and action words to a bag with sight words. Put together the cards, leaving spaces between each card, to create simple sentences (“Mary can jump.” vs. “Can Paul sing?” vs. “I can run!”)

I hope you’ve found this information about concepts of print helpful. If you have any additional tips that might help a teacher, please share below in comments!
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