Number Sense with Rhyming!?! WHAT?!?!

Want to work on Number Sense when you practice rhyming?!? or any other game?
Play Rhyming Memory!  When the game is over, lay out the cards of each learner.
Count the cards. 
Talk about which is more and which is less.

Or play Popcorn Race

Who ever says the letter (or sound first) get the card!  When the game is over, lay out the cards and count!  Whoo Hooo, which is more or less?
For advanced math thinkers, discuss how many more or less…yes, use their arms to let them explain!
 They can visually see the number sense.  It was so exciting to hear them exclaim that there were 5 in the 3rd and 4th rows before we even counted  because they were remembering the number and could see it visually.

“Number Sense can’t be taught; it has to be caught!” says Christina Tondevold

We are working on number sense each day!  It has become my new passion!  
Pumpkin Themed
Finding 5


Free Number Path

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