Free Winter Resources for Teachers

Don’t let the winter blues drag you down! Grab a few free winter resources for teachers so you have time to play in the snow!⛷️🏂🏾☃️ You know me…love to use FREE stuff! What free winter resources do you love?

Free Winter Resources Teach Magically snowflakes
Links updated and checked Jan. 2024

Free Winter Resources for Teachers by ME

I love this free winter resource that is an easy prep segmenting game and so do the kiddos! Use it all winter long. Click to find  the  BUNDLE that contains all the vowels.snowman segmenting game free teach magically

I am obsessed with teaching students to segment; it’s the #1 predictor of future reading success so this is a sample of a fun game I use with my students. Be sure to check out about Segmenting and Blending

EXTRA: I also like to use no prep worksheets during group time to help kiddos practice segmenting. I love to use cotton balls as “snowballs” to add some fun but I also use Hershey kisses, BINGO dabbers, and small candies. Check it out here!

FREE Winter Resources Preview

You can also check out a free preview of the Boom cards I use to develop segmenting skills! I so love Boom Learning™️ because the cards are self checking.

I never want to give the kiddos a chance the learn something incorrectly!

Click below👇🏾

Snowman Segmenting cvc Words

📌THIS IMAGE FOR LATERwinter pin of free resources by Teach Magically

Free Winter Resources for Teachers I Found

Here are a few other fun resources you might be interested in to use in your classroom!

✅Coffee Fueled Classroom Snowman at Night Graphic Organizers

✅Fluffy Tots  Color by Number Activity

✅The Trapped Librarian New Year Reading Resolutions Bookmarks

✅Carrie Lutz Winter Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

✅Smarter Together Multiplication Pixel Art

✅Talented in Third Winter Fractions

✅Mickey’s Place Snowman Hat and Mittens Color Match Boom Cards

✅Busy Me Plus Three Winter Mittens Color by Code Boom Cards

free winter resources for teachers teach magically
Free winter teaching resourcesfree winter teaching resources teach magically
free tracing activity

Other FREE Resources for Teachers

If you want to plan ahead, check out these free Valentine’s Themed resources!

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